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We offer more than just a great cup of coffee.  Our menu is the perfect pairing to an Amarillo morning.

So I'm sitting there waiting for my coffee.  I see pastries, I see granola bars, I see potential.  Because I really wanted a gourmet coffee, but I also wanted a warm, fresh breakfast burrito. But I wanted to get it all in one place.  And unlike me, waiting in line for just a coffee, just to go somewhere else for my burrito, YOU get to do both only at Burrito Stop.

We put all our favorite recipes from our own home cooking and brought them to you.  As a kid I would make these delicious meals and test them on my little sister.  I'd tweak and I'd ditch, and I'd try again.  35 years later, I bring them to you.
Premium Blend
We get our beans from a local roaster.  Our beans are always fresh and always full of flavor.  Hot or cold, our coffee and espresso is delicious.
Burrito Stop
Our Menu
Breakfast 7 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Yogurt Parfait  3.95
Cup of seasonal fruit  2.99
Breakfast Sopapilla sm 1.99 / lg 2.99
Assorted Bagels  2.00
     comes with light or regular cream cheese.
Oatmeal  2.99
Muffins 2.00
Cinnamon Roll  2.00

Loaded Burrito  3.50
  a 10 inch flour tortilla filled with egg, cheese, salsa, potatoes, and your choice of 1 filling.

Unloaded Burrito  8" 1.50 / 10" 3.25
  flour totilla with eff and your choice of 1 filling.

Breakfast Fillings:
Homemade Chorizo with olive oil and roasted garlic
House Chorizo
San Antonio Style Chorizo

Lunch 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Loaded Meaty  5.50
     10" flour tortilla loaded with cilantro pesto rice, beans, jack cheese, salsa and your choice of meat: brisket, jalapeno pork, beef or chicken fajita, BBQ. 
Add beans and cheese  2.50

Unloaded Plain  8" 4.50 / 10" 5.50
     Flour tortilla with your choice of meat: brisket, beef or chicken fajita, or BBQ  4.59
Picadillo, chile relleno, or beans  3.95

Chips and Salsa  1.75
Chile con Queso and chips  sm 3.89 / lg 4.85
Chips, Salsa, and Queso  sm 4.85 / lg 5.95
Black, Pinto, or Refried beans  1.50
Cilantro Rice  1.50
Beans and rice  2.60

Guacamole  1.75
Sour Cream or Cheese 1.00
Salsa side 0.25
Roasted Jalapeno  0.75

Our Espresso

House Drip
Cafe Aulait
Cafe Mocha
Caramel Macchiato
Cafe Americano
Espresso con Pana
Espresso Macchiato
Hot Chocolate
Oregon Chai Tea
Oregon Chai Tea Latte
Flavored Steamer
Decaf Espresso
Herbal Tea Selections
Visit us
We are located in the heart of downtown Amarillo.  Yes, there is still heart here and our heart is growing!
114 SE 9th Street
Amarillo, Texas 79101
Telephone: (806) 
Hours:  Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I'll get my mom to email you back.  She loves it!